Hi I'm Anna.

Well here it is, my own little spot in cyberspace. I've tried to put some very interesting details on this site about my family, my friends and myself. So, relax and browse to your hearts content.


It's Funny How we got to meet Not at a party, not on the street
Not in a store, and you sure don't live next door
It's funny how we know each other,
Not introduced by my mother and not introduced by my brother.
And although I've never seen you face to face I feel this strong bond through cyber space
EVEN with a face not yet in place Who'd ever thought?
If I talk about "YOU" my friend on the net, to a person who's not online yet,
they can't understand, how we met. They have no clue!
How I can meet someone LIKE YOU
So I try to explain, that I'm really not insane!
That I REALLY have a friend in this place called "cyberspace"
who loves me for ME
And has NO DOUBT
what friendship's about!
A friend who knows
it's not in the looks,
or about our checkbooks.
And you're not a friend that I set out to choose,
but a friend I gained outta the blue!
Who UNDERSTANDS this friendship anew!
You my friend,
type with your heart.
And you are truly "state of the art"
You have feelings that are REAL!
You're a friend I treasure a great deal.
And it's funny to know
how friends may come and friends may go.
But YOU my friend,
I will always remember
for you are sealed in my heart
--Author unknown

My Heartfelt Award--Thank you so very very much.

Here's my Insanity Award!!! Isn't it Pretty???

I am still trying to find out which one of my friends Squealed!!

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