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Coin Supplies We list this page for people who enjoy the hobby of coin collecting. Just to give you a brief history of how and when Roy Reynolds Coins was created. My name is Roy Reynolds, and with my wife Carla run our little internet business in St. Cloud, MN. I have been involved off and on in coin collecting since the mid 70's , starting when my uncle got me interested in coins when I was in the 8th grade. Well I figured in early 1996, it was time to see if my children would be interested in coin collecting. So I went out and got them 10 rolls of pennies each and was going to have them go through them and try and fill up a Whitman Lincoln Memorial folder. Well one of the local coin dealer's in town, did not carry a wide variety of Whitman folders. So I then went to several book stores in town and they did carry some, but didn't have the Memorial book. They were nice enough to order it for me, but after waiting 6 weeks or more without them coming in, it was time to look elsewhere for them. I checked out the internet, and to my surprise there wasn't that many places offering coin supplies. This is when my little business was created. I figured there were lots of other people out there, who don't even have the benefit of having a coin dealer nearby, that couldn't get supplies to enrich their hobby. Now going into our sixth year, we have made many valuable contacts, and quite a few new friends, who also enjoy our little hobby. No, we are not one of those big companies that spends millions of dollars each year that purchases coin collections from estates, we try to give our customers good products, at affordable prices.
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