Stephanie's Lame Attempt at a Web Page... 

What do you put on a web page?

My answer:  I have no idea.  That's probably why this page will be pretty sad.

Why would you want to make a web page in the first place?

My answer:  I feel like I'm not QUITE addicted enough to the 'net if I don't have a web page, so
                      here I am making a web page.

Why are you talking to yourself?

My answer:  That's a really good question.  I guess I should stop.

Before Hopkins, I went to Hood College for a B.A. in Biology.  Hood College is a small, liberal arts, women's college in Frederick, MD.  Frederick is the county seat of Frederick County and is about 50 miles away on I-70.  For those that are interested, it is very close to Burkittsville, the location of the Blair Witch Project.  Oooh...scary!

When I'm not studying, or in lab, I'm usually on my computer.  When I am logged in to my computer, I am usually chatting.  My two favorite chat-lines are:

 Whatever and  Hotel .  My name at both of these chat lines is Secret.  If you've spoken to me on-line,
I'm sure you've asked me why my name is Secret.  You also know that I tend to identify with the pH balanced Powder Fresh Scented deodorant.  I really wanted to have a picture of my favorite deodorant on this page, but I couldn't find a good one.  If you know of one, send it to me!

My NEW favorite chat hangout is Enchantment Under The Seas.  It is a great place to chat.  I have already accumulated over 30 days log-in time there.  I know that isn't something to be proud of...;)

Thanks to my pal Duckee, I have seen the Secret Website.  How exciting is a deodorant website?  See, for yourself.


Just what you all have been waiting for!  Since I know quite a few people through the web alone, I have always been forced to send pictures to all of you through e-mail.  NOW, you can come to my web page, shocking I know, to view any and all pictures I choose to share.  As of right now, I have a large number of pictures from a recent vacation.  This makes me feel like a big dork, but here they are...

My Vacation Pictures

Ooooh, aaaaah...aren't those pictures fabulous? :P  Well, just to make this complete, here are some more pictures that I may or may not have shared with the general public.

Hood Pictures

Do these pictures give you a glimpse into why I am as strange as I am?  I hope so.

Assorted Other Pictures


I've traveled quite a bit in the last month.  I have new pictures to add to my page.  Aren't you EXCITED?
Here you go:

Viva Las Vegas!: Day 1, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Vegas pictures

Meet Duckee, Pegasus, and Eagles

New Year's Eve 2000:  Billy Joel Concert, NJ, etc.