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Why MDR?
We don't treat data recovery solely a monetary business, but a challenge, and most of the time, we defeated them.

Contact us for any inquiry and submit your case today for immediate FREE  diagnosis. 

...we are glad to have local data recovery company like MDR in malaysia, we are impressed when we were told that our 9-month research works are recoverable with reasonable price. Thank you guys, and all the best! 
 Mohd. Ridzuan & Karim, UTM (Nov 2005) lost can be countless without my presentation data  recovered within 8 hours, i know it wasn't an easy task but you just made it, amazing!
i will definitely use your service in the future and recommend you to others! Well done!
Franco S., Singapore (Nov 2005)
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  Data Recovery Fact  
  Disaster on data lost
....two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster go out of business within five years. Business continuity plans and disaster recovery services are core essentials to ensure continuing viability.
  ~ Gartner research paper  

  Data Recovery Service Provider  

MDR Data Recovery center, a solely Malaysian owned company located in capital Kuala Lumpur since 1999, sole business activity is recovering data files and lost information from total lost contact or inaccessible hard storage devices or even network servers. As a hard drive repair facility that has offered data recovery for more than thousand of hard storage, hundred of corporate in Malaysia, MDR is uniquely qualified to offer data recovery services for data losses caused by various kind of problem or disasters.


The Needs - The Solution
The needs of Data Recovery service simply due to the value of the data can be enormous. In many cases companies, individual users or entities who experience a disaster are faced with a tremendous threats on business discontinuity. Even those companies who back up their data on a regular basis are at unforeseen risks; at most time, effort of rebuilding customer data, financial info, inventory records, can be impossible.
!! IMPORTANT NOTES !! (logical) recovery will never work on hard disk which generating mechanical noise or generally described as clicking noise.

Service Categories and Fees
In general, recovery fee is direct dependent on FOUR criteria as below and with competitive pricing range from hundreds to thousands of Ringgit Malaysia. 

  • Type of media. (Desktop/laptop/server hard disk, IDE, SCSI, *DAT, *LTO)
  • Size & configuration of hard disk (10GB ~300GB, generally standalone, RAID 0,1,5)
  • System platform, operating or database (Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Unix and more), and
  • Type of damages as below table.
External Cases:
a) Physical:
   External electronic issues (example: replacing a bad PCB).
Read errors.
b) Logical (Drive is Functioning):
   Deleted files.
File-system structures corrupted.

These problems can be addressed without opening the HDA (Head Disk Assembly) of the drive.

External cases can exceed this range if there is extreme corruption of the file-system or if the drive comes from a UNIX or MAC system.

Internal Cases:
Crashed heads, clicking noise.
Motor problems can't spin.
Contamination or Burnt.

These problems can only be addressed by opening the HDA (Head Disk Assembly) of the drive under clean room conditions.

Internal cases exceeding this range include, for example, a 100GB SCSI drive requiring a high cost of parts. Drives from UNIX or MAC systems may also exceed this range.

* Additional fee on backup media and delivery
** DAT, LTO drive type is subject to version, technologies applied.

Can The Data Be Recovered?
YES, your data can be recovered* with the chances of more than 90% success rate. All you need to do now is to contact or send over your hard storage to us  for a FREE Evaluation through a very simple procedure, and you will get the actual diagnosis report which will cover the list of recoverable data and the quote within 48 hours, or simply CONTACT US immediately.
* subject to diagnosis results

Our Commitment

  • Firm commitment to privacy (Non-disclosure Agreement)
  • No data, no charge
  • Prompt delivery
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Competitive fee charge
MDR Data Recovery Solution @ 2005