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LOOK FOR MAR Y SOL Professional Massage Therapy

Physical benefits
Provides deep relaxation

Stress/Muscle tension relief
Enhances athletic performance

Promotes deep easier breathing

Helps improve posture

Strengthens immune system
Mental Benefits
Promotes relaxed state of alertness

Reduces mental stress
Enhances capacity for calm thinking

Promotes creativity
Emotional Benefits
Creates feeling of well being

Enhances self-image

Reduces anxiety��

Increases awareness of mind-body

 NOT just a LUXURY.

 It's maintenance for your health.

Get the Health Maintenance you deserve!       
Relax in the Yucatan

Therapeutic Swedish Massage
50 Minutes $50.00
Foot Massage
30 Minutes $30.00

Deep Tissue Massage
50 Minutes $60.00
Relaxing Stone Massage
30 Minutes $50.00
Chelem, Yucatan Mexico Massage PROMOTION: buy one, get one for 1/2 price
Massage is a great gift!

Office Location
Lizard Joes
Beautiful Chelem, Yucatan Mexico              

Tour Information:
Contact sealizard@lizardjoes.com
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Free Tours for Lizards Guests:
Xixim Bamboo Plantation
16th-century hacienda
Flamingos by car
Hamacas Rada, hammocks
Beach Property and more!

Peace, Love and Prayers to you and especially to all our Troops and families.
Thank you!

Call for an appointment

Working for Lizard Joes in Chelem, Yucatan Mexico

Available by appointment only 2PM - 6PM

830-443-4597 USA Vonage
969-935-4289 (Mexico)
Or email me for an appointment

My Mission
Mar Y Sol Professional Massage Therapy is dedicated to providing YOU with the HIGHEST QUALITY therapeutic massage and at the same time help you maintain your health. When you book an appointment here, not only will you unwind, you will rejuvenate and feel so calm! Massage is maintenance for your health and leaves you feeling better and can relieve your aches and pains.

About me
My name is Cynthia Frost.
I received my Associates Degree in Business and worked in the corporate world as a Computer Operator, Customer Service Representative and in Human Resources. It was a great experience and I never dreamed I would be living in Chelem Yucatan, Mexico.
In 1999, I began my Massage Therapy career in Texas, while at the same time working as an Activity Director and transportation service for the elderly. I continue to carry my Texas Massage License which requires continuing massage education as part of annual licensing requirements and continue to expand and enhance my knowledge and techniques.
In September 2008, I moved to Chelem Yucatan Mexico. My practice is scheduled to open when Lizard Joes in Chelem, Yucatan Mexico opens. A nice sunrise and moonset begins the day and a beautiful sunset with a beautiful moonrise ends the day here in Chelem, Yucatan Mexico. And what a beautiful blue sky and water. And the stars at night are awsome. For me, Chelem Yucatan Mexico is a tranquil moment all by itself. No hustle and bustle here. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Aspirin, a heating pad, a hot bath or even the beautiful view of the sunsets and sunrises in Chelem can help you relax! No matter how humble it seems, Massage is a natural remedy and a powerful relief to sore muscles and it feels wonderful! Get a Massage in Chelem, Yucatan Mexico!
Each session combines a variety of massage techniques which include Relaxing Therapeutic Swedish Massage, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Therapy and Cranio Sacral Therapy. Each session is TAILORED to YOU for optimal benefits that provide a truly unique massage experience. Take care of you! Feel great, ease your pain or just enjoy a relaxing massage in Paradise!

Get pampered! Enjoy the relaxing touch of the lotion used throughout a Facial Massage. Facial Massage leaves your skin radiant and glowing. A Facial Massage restores vitality, comfort and well-being. Relax and soothe your skin today! Lotion can be used as a leave-on moisturizer and contains White Lily to smooth the skin, Rosehips with Vitamin C to moisturize and repair aging skin, English Cucumber to tone, and Papaya for softening and calming. Make an appointment today!
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Massage Therapy Is For You
Stressed out? Stiff neck or back? Fatigue setting in?� Get relief or just give yourself the gift of health! Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, moonrises and moonsets along with the beautiful beaches are so peaceful. Add a soothing massage to your get away and you will nourish your mind, body, spirit and health!       

Massage Therapy will make a difference in your life!� It has a positive affect on how you feel, helps maintain that feeling of well being, provides a welcome relief from stress, anxiety or pain and is frequently recommended or prescribed for minor auto accident, sports and repetitive stress injuries.
Service Offerings

Individual and Couples
Seated Massage on the Beach�
Relaxing Massage on the Beach

Other Services:
Beach Events
Gift Certificates Available!
By appointment only 2PM - 6PM
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