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In this page we show you the list of the most beautiful women of the world.

(Last Update: Aug 18th 1998)

(USA) Naomi Campbell 100 votes
(USA) Linda Evangelista 30 votes
(Italia) Monica Bellucci 80 votes
(Italia) Sabrina Ferilli 70 votes
(USA) Andie Mac Dowell 30 votes
(Francia) Sophie Marceau 20 votes
(USA) Sharon Stone 90 votes

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ITALY Womens Awards

Monica Bellucci 20 votes
Sabrina Ferilli 20 votes
Francesca Neri 20 votes

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    Women Awards FRANCE

  • Sophie Marceau 20 votes

  • All women

    Women Awards USA

  • Naomi Campbell 20 votes
    Linda Evangelista 20 votes
    Sharon Stone 20 votes
    Andie Mac Dowell 20 votes

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  • Women Awards DEUTCHLAND

  • All women

  • Women Awards ENGLAND

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  • Women Awards SPAIN

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