Tribute to the Turtleneck Sweater

This page is dedicated to the most beautiful and sexy type of clothing, that is available to be worn by women!

As there are maybe some parts of this page, which are considered as of sexual nature, you should only proceed if you reached the

for your country valid full legal age (In Germany the age of 18).

The bigger part of mankind mostly is pleased by the sight of a naked body of the other gender, but in some cases this is reversed.
Isnt it more challenging to look at an at least partly covered body, to let the imagination do the work?
And if the cover consists of a turtleneck sweater, what could be more sexy?
Especially the collar, that sometimes serves as a kind of "neck gripping" bondage device.
So if you consider yourself a friend of this description than read on and see, what the world has to offer for turtleneck lovers!
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