The Scottish Thrift Shop

We will soon be running on a new server, and changing our direction.
We will be working with other venders to help bring you better service,
while still giving you the low prices you love.
In time, this front page will offer links to the various pages
offering the product lines of those specialty venders.
Some of the venders will be on our web server,
while others will have their own sites.

Information Services - provided free to help all.
Tartan, Clan, District, Crest, etc...

Tartan Gift Items
Ties, Scarves, Hats and more made from a wide selection of tartans.

Piping Supplies
Pipes, reeds, bags, etc...

New Clothing Items
Kilts, Skirts, Jackets, Vests, etc...

Pipe Band Supplies
From Reeds to Uniforms.

Kilt outfits for those special occasions.

Custom made Jewelry
Celtic gold and silver smiting.

Commercially made Celtic Jewelry.
Clan Crests, Broaches, Kilt Pins, Ear Rings, & Pendants.

Ever-changing special purchase items to give that extra price break.

Computer related
Software, Graphics, Mouse Pads, Etc...

Weapons and Armor
New and Old, Celtic or not.
Also includes unusual military items.

Hand Knit Wool Sweaters
Cardigans and pullovers.