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This page is under continuous construction and provides the professional aviator with some handy tools of the trade

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Global & Regional Wx Charts & Satellite images
Aviators News & Technical Updates; Includes aviation & related data bases
Langley Technical Research Server
The NASA Home Page
Guide to FAA Central Region Offices & Departments
FAA Library of Operational Studies & Directives (Updated Daily)
Military News Stand (Current Military Periodicals)
Aviation News Stand (Current Aviation Periodicals)
Library of Congress
Flight Test & Contractor News @ Edwards AFB
Fallujah CES

Aviators Photo Gallery

Me & the Pitts
Mission to El Salvador
Howard AFB, Panama.(Flying with a Psychotic Navigator)
Meeting with the Senator
Columbian Hospitality
Two of My Toys
Two of my Best Buddies
Lost in a 747 Somewhere over the Pacific
My 747 Instructor on the Upper Deck
Back From Iraq
Low-Level Red Flag Mission Through Cedar Pass
A South West Captain Lands At his Alternate
My Two Sons
Chatting With Bob Hoover
Low Level Over the Royal Gorge
Front End of the Jet
My Office on the Ground
The Paperwork is Never Done
#1 Son Flying upsidedown
Going Vertical

Current Aviation Sequence Reports

Surface Observations
Raw Observations/US & CN:
Decoded Observations...USA | Worldwide


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