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Science Magazine's Science Safari

[20 December 97]

  1. NASA's Humans in Space Site - The Rigors of SpaceTravel
  2. NASA's Planetary Photojournal Site - Postcard Photos from Other Planets
  3. University of California Museum of Paleontology - Dinosaurs and More
  4. American Chemical Society's ChemCenter - National Chemistry Week
  5. LANL's Periodic Table - The Elements in Hypertext
  6. USGS's Volcano Hazards Program - The Safe Way to Explore Live Volcanoes
  7. Science News Online - If You Can't Wait to Read the News of the Scientific World
  8. NOAA's Geostationary Satellite - A Heavenly Perspective on Earth's Natural Disasters
  9. NOAA's El Niño Update - All We Know About the Current El Niño
  10. LBNL's Particle Data Group's Site - Quark, Leptons, Neutrinos, and Other Minutiae
  11. Chris Caldwell's Prime Page - Prime Numbers, That Is
  12. U. of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland - Mathematical History and Biographies
  13. University of Sidney's Virtual Reef - Life, Sex, and Death in the Sea
  14. MSU's Microbe Zoo - A Virtual Visit to the Microscopic World All Around Us
  15. HHMI's Genetic Trail - Applied Genetics, Post-Mendelian Style
  16. Environmental Concepts Made Easy - Highlights of Current Research
  17. Thomas Legislative Information - What The Government is Doing To/For Us
  18. DHHS's Healthfinder - Disease Info and Links
  19. NIH's Health Information Page - The National CyberLibrary of Medicine
  20. Shapeup America - Calculate Your Fitness and Design Your Own Recovery Program
  21. Washington U.'s Mad Scientist Network - Talk to the Experts
  22. University of Wisconson's Why? Files - The Science Behind the News

Tom is an eclectic, self-styled "non-linear thinker" who often writes of himself in the third person. (He says an ego the size of his should be approached only at a distance.)

He is currently "helping" the Federal government as Lead Chemist (resume) with the Department of the Interior's Helium Operation. He is interested in the Present, the Future, and the Past (in that order). He claims skills in mathematics, physics, and chemistry (he has degrees in 2 out of 3).

He likes to play with cryptography, puzzles, and real mysteries.

He says he knows:

(His next major addition to this site is planned to be a page on Maximilian's treasure!)


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