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Hi, this is my page. This room is called my wacky room because once I get it done it's not going to make much sense. I have such varied interests that most people will look at it and wonder what all these different things have in common.

The name of the page is Tigresa because that is my nickname on the Internet Relay Chat's Effnet. But my real name is Chrystie, and my SCA name is Teresa "of the wrong way" Giani...don't laugh I didn't make it up...blame Master Harald Ulfson for that wacky name.

The following are just a few of my favorite links to things I am involved in. I am hoping to eventually have great gifs and pics in here soon. So please bear with me while I learn how to accomplish these things.

Thanks for stopping by.

I have recently gotten married. My new name Chrystie Terry and my husband and I have recently relocated to the Boston Metropolitan area.

I work for BYTE Magazine as an Editorial Assistant in their Lexington, MA offices.

Teresa "of the wrong way" Giani
Star Trek
Star Trek the next generation
Star Trek Deep Space 9
Forever Knight
Kindred:the enbraced
Alpha Phi Omega
Independence Day

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Forever Knight
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