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"Big Tent Revival" is the featured band for the month of April

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Welcome to Dave's House Of Christian Music...Check out this cool music recomendation chart. It compares secular groups to christian ones. Please look at my ever changing Reality Check page. I update it almost evry day because of new pics or info. Click Here to see my very cool Link Page(it has links to everything). I'm intrested to know if you like these pages I have on here, and If there are new ones you would like to see. If so leave me an E-mail. Please take a sec an put me on your bookmark file because I will be changing this page all the time.

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If you would like to buy Reality Check's self-debut album, you can get it for a low price by
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dc Talk is released an awesome video on this last summer. The video is called Welcome To The Freak Show. It's a video with tons of live concerts from their last tour, and more. There is also a cool cd/cass. to go along with it. I have some Live Shots from their Jesus Freak Tour. Please take a look. dc Talk also has a pretty cool Web Page. You should take a min. to look at it.


This is a page for anyone who has any interest at all in the band Reality Check. It has a lot on it right now. It's not totally finished but it was the 1st RC page ever. I started it over a year and a half ago. I know the guys real well, so I have stuff before other people and things they might not have. Push Here to access the page.


I have decided to make a section on one of ForeFront's new bands that I like a lot. Their name is Bleach and they are hitting the music industry with a very unique sound. Please take a look at my Bleach page. I've been really busy, so this page still needs a lot of work. Thought I'd warn you.

You have to check this place out. It's pretty cool:

This place and I are exchanging links :-)

Net Central is a really cool place with tons of good christian music. If you are looking for any Big name groups this is the place to go. Another good place on Net Central that I have heard of is The Light House. I hope you can find something here.
If your intrested in other Christian groups, then you should check out They have to be just about the best christian music source for better known groups. If you are looking to buy some music you can go to Columbia House On-Line. To get magiclly warped there just click the picture

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Gotee Records
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Tooth & Nail
5 Minute Walk

Miss Angie
Reality Check
Big Tent Revival
Michael W. Smith
Third Day
Smalltown Poets
Rebbecca St. James
Out OF The Grey
Dakoda Motor Co.
Magnified Plaid
Audio Adrenaline
dc Talk
Sixpence None The Richer
Point Of Grace

Did you know that Phil Keaggy, one of the best guitarist ever, has only 4 fingers on his left hand. This would make guitar playing impossible for most.
Did you know that Orin Thorton of Johnny Q. Public is the boyfriend of one of christian musics newest artist, Miss Angie
Did you Know that Miss Angie is also the sister of one of the members of Johnny Q. Public.
Did you know that Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline is married to Toby McKeehan's(dc Talk member)sister. Which makes Toby and Mark Brother-inlaws.
Did you know that the ladies of Considering Lily had previously had a record deal with ForeFront Records. At that time they were known as Serene & Pearl
Did you know that Kevin Smith of dc Talk cut his hair, because girls thought he looked real good and he did not want people to go to concerts and buy their music because of his looks.
Did you know that Reality Check won the new artist spotlight award in 1996 at the GMA Awards. This award has also been won by Jars Of Clay and Sarah Jahn.

Thanks so much for coming. Please leave me an E-mail to tell me what you thought, or if you have any suggestions. And as always remember this is the Web Page that never stops changing.

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